MG ZS EV 2021 is designed for those who want all the advantages of a zero emission car without compromising on style.
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As India gears up to support e-mobility in the near future, MG ZS EV is leading from the front by being a pioneer amongst electric vehicles.


The MG ZS EV is complemented by its dynamic design that is crafted with utmost precision. Watch the video to learn about the design philosophy behind the MG ZS EV.


The MG ZS EV is not only sporty from the outside, but also beautiful from the inside. Watch the video to get a quick tour of its interiors.


The MG ZS EV offers connectivity on the go with its revolutionary i-SMART 2.0 technology which makes your ride smoother and smarter.

Safety Features

The MG ZS EV conforms to the strictest safety standards to provide our customers complete peace of mind.

Battery Safety and Quality

At MG, we ensure that the MG ZS EV battery is not only reliable and safe, but also technologically advanced. Watch the video to learn more.

Charging Infrastructure

MG ZS EV runs hi-tech rechargeable batteries that have been rigorously tested in various climactic conditions in India, proving the performance and range of the battery.

Battery 2nd Life and Recycling

MG has partnered with key global leaders to ensure responsible reuse and disposal of the EV batteries. Watch this video to find out more.

Total Cost of Ownership

The MG ZS EV is futuristic, sporty, loaded with features and performance. But the best part? It also has low cost of ownership. Watch the video to find out more.

Residual Value

Going by global trends from established markets, EVs have a higher residual value since they have a longer average lifespan. The MG ZS EV is expected to follow the same pattern, thanks to its amazing offerings.